• Lauren

COVID Chronicles: My Official Resignation From Stay-at-Home Mom Life

Two and a half weeks! Enough being a slack-ass, Lauren, get to writing.

Not to say I’ve been lazy. I’ve had a change of address, once again. A new apartment. A nicer apartment. An apartment with loads of natural light, lofty ceilings, and perhaps a too-familiar sensation of new beginnings.

The new place is a 6-minute walk to my office which is especially exciting given that I’ll be returning to a normal work schedule this coming Monday! Praise the Lord. My freezer literally can’t accommodate any more loaves of bread.

This is Beans

Today is Mother’s Day and it would seem that I’ve unintentionally been living a “motherly” theme this past week.

I jumped on the sourdough bandwagon and started a sourdough starter. Starter. My starter’s permanent home is in the old beans jar which I’d already labeled “Beans,” so it only seemed appropriate to dub the starter Beans. So world, meet Beans. I’ve been feeding Beans every 12 hours since Tuesday night and he’s growing up so quickly! I’m a very proud starter momma. Me thinks Beans and I will bake up a nice sourdough boule very soon. Perhaps to to celebrate the first week back to regular employment?

I’ve adopted children of the green variety as well. I’ve got a nice little pot of basil and something called “confetti cilantro” growing, an array of succulents, a ZZ plant (is it too on-the-nose to name him Zorro??), and a Golden Pothos. Like a good mom, I checked the weather and brought my cart of herb and cactus babes inside during this cold snap we’re currently having. You guys. I might ACTUALLY be able to keep all these things alive.

My fur-babies are less than enthusiastic about my decision to move us into a 3rd floor apartment. Sweet Dizzard isn’t a fan of the stairs. I keep trying to tell her to look at it as a way to get her post-pandemic bikini bod going, but she believes a tight waist is overrated. After making this Apple Crisp last night (served with vanilla ice cream because that’s the only way) I think she may have a point.

When I’m not trying to keep things alive, I’ve been binge-watching Gilmore Girls. I never watched when it was actually on the air, but I’m totally charmed by it. Lorelai absolutely annoys the ish out of me sometimes, but overall, the show is a comfort.

When I’m not talking to my starter, pets, plants, or fictional TV characters, I’m dealing with some emotional thangs. With the fact that my whole future looks a lot different than it did just 8 weeks ago. Different isn’t necessarily bad though! I’ve experienced plenty of shake-ups in my short 28 years and things always seem to work out.

In that spirit, I got myself dressed up yesterday for the first time in weeks and enjoyed a delightful homemade dinner of pork tenderloin stew. Amazing what a hair brush and slow cooked meat can do for gal’s mood. I'll have to remember that whenever I become an actual momma to humans :)

....Now you'll have to excuse me while I go hang up my stay-at-home-mom apron and get my scrubs ready! Ta-ta for now, loves