• Lauren

COVID Chronicles: Ok, fine, social distancing sucks

Alas, we’ve reached the emotional minefield segment of our quarantine adventure. I completely underestimated this whole social distancing thing and I’m hereby admitting my naivete to the world. However, I'm pleased to say that foodz were on point this week. Kicked off the week with meatloaf, of all things! Something about the comfort of a beef and bread hodgepodge called to me; I’m happy I answered. I used this recipe from The Wholesome Dish- fabulous! I didn’t make a single change and it came out perfectly.

The breadcrumbs I used for the meatloaf were homemade as well. I baked a loaf of Herbed Beer bread (recipe courtesy of King Arthur Flour) with an abandoned bottle Miller Lite from some pre-social distancing get together. To make the crumbs, I sliced up half the loaf, heated my oven to 250 degrees F, placed the slices directly on the rack, and toasted them for approximately 45 minutes. This made enough crumbs for my meatloaf, with ~1 cup to spare.

The bread is quite tasty for a sandwich too- I had a hankering for a tuna melt later in the week.

I made a MUCH improved batch of cornbread muffins. HUZZAH! I wrote their own post, so I won’t go into too much detail here, but I’m not gonna lie to you, they were moist, corny, bready heaven.

Not pictured are the homerun burgers that got grilled up over the weekend. Juicy and flavorful, they hit the spot. I ate two in one sitting, zero regerts. Tackled a couple small scale house projects. Most notably, I reorganized the kitchen cabinets. Dropped a few bucks on these OXO containers, as well as a Progressive Grain ProKeeper, and three Progressive Flour Keepers. No more are the messy piles of ziploc bags! I’m going to reluctantly share the link for the label maker I used. I say reluctantly because if your relationship is on any sort of brink, the level of pleasure you derive from this label maker may be just intense enough to convince you that you don’t actually need a partner. Quite irresponsible of me, but here we go.

I finished The Best Cook in the World- a fantastic read and yet another piece of evidence supporting my suspicions that our relationship with food is far more complicated than my quest for health gives it credit for. More on the book here. I’ve moved on to Devil in the White City by Erik Larson. Also nonfiction, but with a more serious tone. Lots of details to satisfy curious minds, but delivers them in a way that isn’t the least bit dry or dull thus far.

Please keep Mr. Sir Raylen Drake in your prayers. Sweet boy hasn’t been feeling so good this week. Suffice it to say he’s been having gastric issues. Issues that have an uncanny way of presenting themselves multiple times throughout the dead of night. Aye.

On a final, brighter note, my incredibly talented mother has been putting her skills to use making reusable and washable face masks! She fashioned several for me- super comfy and super cute if I do say so myself. You can snag them over on Etsy, here is the link to her shop, Maryland Mask Maker.

If you've got quarantine tips for maintaining Sanity, PLEASE Do. Help.