• Lauren

COVID Chronicles: "Social distancing isn't so hard...wait, what day is it?"

Well folks, another week of #socialdistance life under our belt, only ? more to go. Though I've managed to stay well stocked on Monster Energy and meat, I'm officially out of chips and chocolate, so I'll have to venture out the the store today. I wonder if they'll have toilet paper.

I almost feel guilty when I say that that past week here has been pretty great. Almost.

This week is the one my boss chose to close our office in compliance with the ADA (who has since extended their recommended elective procedure postponement to April 30th, currently unsure if we'll continue "business as usual" for that time, or close in compliance), so I've been hanging here at the casa with the canine crew.

I've been using up a super-duper grocery gift of all types of goodies- most notably, FOUR POUNDS of ribeye steak. Happy to report that those got put to good use on the grill- steaks one night, kebabs the next.

3 lbs of group beef were also gifted, so it's been chili city around here! Just cooked my second crock-pot last night. Improvised a little this time. I've been working hard to limit grocery store visits, so when I realized I didn't have my usual cans of diced tomatoes and tomato sauce on hand, I grabbed a jar of spaghetti sauce from the pantry instead. Gosh, I'm resourceful.

I almost always add a dash of something sweet to the chili to balance out the heat of the spices, but the already slightly sweet sauce took care of that. Happy accidental discoveries for the win!

Most days have been jam-packed with home re-org projects, but I did take a little field trip to Pappy's Gun Shop yesterday to use the outdoor shooting range. Kind of perfect social distancing escape- open air and virtually no human contact.

The evenings have been the most pleasant time for walks around the neighborhood. I admire the efforts of the more dedicated homeowners and think out loud about those I wish would use this time to cut their dern grass.

Hard to be cranky when the sky looks like this

It was on one of these walks that I had a sobering thought: Somewhere out there, a child, or a spouse, or a sibling, is enjoying bonding time with a loved one that they don't yet realize will be taken from them too soon.

Someday, someone will look back on this period of quarantine and stay-at-home orders and chaos and be thankful for it, despite the inconvenience and economic fallout. I could be one of those people. Or maybe it's you. Or a friend of a friend. But that thought alone is enough to make me think twice before I gripe or complain about any of this; for someone, it's a blessing in disguise.

It's the reason I said "almost" earlier. Here's to another week of guilt-free #makingthebestofit my friends! Stay strong💛