• Lauren

COVID Chronicles: Safety Third

Well friends, since we last spoke, I’ve managed to almost cut my finger off, burn my arm, scald the left side of my face, and return to work amidst the pandemic. I’m thankful to still have ten fingers to type with.

But what’s life without a little blood and tears, right?

That sourdough bread boule I baked in my new/old dutch oven?? WORTH IT.

My proudest baking accomplishment yet

I did, however, use my Amazon points to snag a pair of NoCry kitchen gloves. Make fun of me all you want, I’ll be over here pointing my (still very intact) middle finger atcha 😊

And I bought 2 first aid kits (one for my apartment, one for the car)...just, you know, in case

The face burn was the result of an unfortunate leftover reheat situation that involved me dropping a glass dish of molten lava on the stove top, and said lava splashing back and hitting me in the face. No fun. Your girl has lived to stew again though. Went for a healthy beef and veggie stew for my dinner meal prep this week. Get the recipe here! Full belly guaranteed, but reheat at your own peril.

We've reached this awkward transition phase of the COVID-19 pandemic with some states and industries beginning to reopen, while others opt for a more conservative approach. My office has decided to reopen and overall, I feel good about it. As a hygienist, I’ve resumed taking patients for periodontal maintenance (cleaning) appointments. We have a COVID questionnaire that patients must fill out before we can see them and we take their temperature the moment they walk in the door.

I also have this giant face shield that I wear over top my glasses and mask now. It’s super hot and not in the sexy way. Unless you’re into some weird shit. Fun little discovery...I find that large amounts of splatter accumulate on the shield throughout the day. And our office is not using aerosols right now. So I have to assume that everything this shield is catching (and more), is normally landing on my face, mask, hair, and God knows where else <Shudder>

Some of my patients have asked if I feel uncomfortable going to work due to COVID-19. Luckily my relationship with my boss and co-workers is such, that if I really felt uncomfortable, I wouldn’t be asked to come in. I’m kinda holding my breath to see what happens with the world in general as “normal” life resumes, but I can honestly say I feel 100x more at risk when walking into my local Walmart than into my office.

I wrapped up Educated by Tara Westover just in time for this first-aid themed update. Honestly, it's a painful read. Well written, but cringey. In the memoir, the author describes some really harrowing, grotesque things she experienced growing up (think serious injury/maiming neglected without medical attention, abuse, etc) amongst other things... but there IS a pleasant ending. In hindsight, I’m really, really happy I finished it before my series of kitchen accidents. I would say if you’re in need of a book that makes your life look extremely easy and secure by comparison, give Educated a go!

I’m about halfway through The Help now (yes, I’m SUPER late to that party), but I’m not sure what I’m gonna read after that, so feel free to drop some suggestions for me in the comments below!

Stay safe, strong, and injury-free, bees!