• Lauren

End Your Frozen Bread Frustration

Whether you’ve stockpiled massive quantities of bread in anticipation of the apocalypse or if you’ve recently run wild with a baking habit (me!), freezing your bread loaves is a handy trick for avoiding waste.

Long before I started baking, I got hooked on the well-known Ezekiel bread made by Food for Life. If you’re unfamiliar with Ezekiel bread, it’s basically the choice loaf of health-nuts due to it’s nutrient profile and the fact that it’s made without preservatives. The latter benefit also means it will spoil quickly, so unless you eat a ton of bread, the freezer is your best bet for extending the life of your precious slices.

My beef with frozen bread? Slices tend to stick together like glue. You don’t know frustration until you’ve busted up 5 slices of bread in an attempt to crack off just one. Try surgically detaching them with a knife at your own peril.

While I don’t have a solution for the frozen Ezekiel bread, I DO have a quick tip for storing homemade loaves or ones bought soft.

Parchment paper!

Forced to buy the Nature’s Own Honey Wheat bread of peasants when our local Harris Teeter ran out of Ezekiel, I thought I’d try a de-stick intervention before freezing. Worked like a charm.

Simply cut pieces of parchment paper and place them between each slice. Then, wrap or bag your bread as you normally would and freeze!

Now, perhaps some have done for eons and are sitting here reading this like "duh!!!", but it's a new method for me, and it was successful, so thought I'd share :-)

To all my "duh!!!" friends: If have tips for long term freezer storage- bread related or non- please share them in the comments below!