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Get Fit Foods Review- Charlotte, NC Meal Prep Service

I’m slightly fanatical about meal-prep. Every Sunday, I go to the grocery store, purchase from my meticulously compiled list, get home, and cook.  Sunday before last, this did not happen. Life happened. I was unusually busy with other things and my normal meal-prep routine just wasn’t gonna fit in.

Enter, Get Fit Foods. I’ve driven by their store front a million times, always a little curious, but hesitant to break my routine. I’m here to tell you I’m GLAD I broke my routine.

Just FYI, Get Fit Foods is a Charlotte, NC local business. They currently have 3 locations: Ballantyne, Park Road (location I visited), and Plaza Midwood. There's a fourth location coming soon to South End!

I purchased six meals- lunch and dinner for Monday-Wednesday. My only true gripe with Get Fit Foods is cost. My total for the six meals came to $59.38 and this was with the buy 2 meals, get 1 free discount. Granted, two of my selected meals were the Lemon Salmon which understandably come at a higher price point than their average meal. Still, this is pretty steep for a gal that’s used to cooking her own meals at $2-3 per serving.

Now let’s get into the good...

I bought 4 varieties of meals, all in the “Dinner/Regular” sized portions. The flavors were Beef Chimichurri with Sweet Potato Fries, Lemon Pepper Salmon With Cilantro Brown Rice, BBQ Chicken Burrito, and BBQ Beef With Mac and Cheese.

Embarrassed to say this was my first time trying chimichurri!

First up, Beef Chimichurri with Sweet Potato Fries. I believe there are both microwave and oven re-heat instructions given for each meal Get Fit sells. Here, I was concerned about soggy fries, so I didn’t bother attempting re-heating in the microwave. Even in the oven, the fries were a bit mushy at the recommended 8 minute mark, but leaving them in the oven for about 11 minutes crisped them up nicely. I’d give the flavor a 9/10. It was super simple, but that’s how I like it. I’d never tried chimichurri before (the green topping on the beef, traditionally comprised of parsley, garlic, and vinegar), so I have no basis for comparison, but I enjoyed it.

Lemon Pepper Salmon with Cilantro Brown Rice: After the sweet potato fries, the salmon was the menu item I was most concerned about reheating poorly. As it turns out, my worry was unsubstantiated! I bought 2 of the salmon entrees and it re-heated so well in the microwave the first time, that I felt no need to try it in the oven the second time around. Flavor was again, on point. The piece of salmon in the dinner portion is substantial and I found it to be very filling. The rice was just a leeetle dry, but still enjoyable.

Next up, the BBQ Chicken Burrito. This is a great one for when you’re hangry! Nice and hefty handheld meal for the win. As I expected, the tortilla was a bit soggy when re-heated, but not so much that it broke apart or was un-holdable. Check. This one has a bit of a kick to it flavor-wise! Despite being a wimp about spicy food, I enjoyed it.

Lastly, BBQ Beef with Mac and Cheese. I’m calling this one “soul food on a caloric budget.” I’m really not a big mac and cheese lover (I know, WTF, right?), but this was pretty tasty! Mac was nothing fancy- kinda reminded me of the Kraft stuff of my childhood, and I mean that in the best way possible. The beef was just a tad bit dry, but flavorful. Happy to report that this one re-heated just fine in the microwave! FYI there were little bits of solidified fat on the beef when I removed it from the refrigerator- I only mention this because I know some are squeamish sorts who are grossed out or deterred by that sorta thing. Man-up, folks.

Overall, I was sincerely impressed by the quality of the meals. At $10, they come in at a much higher price point than a convenience equivalent (ie: grocery store frozen meals), but the taste and nutrient profile of the Get Fit Foods is of a MUCH higher caliber. 

Another really important point that I want to highlight is environmental sustainability. Each Get Fit Foods meal is sold in a plastic container. Upon cooking my first meal I was presented with the choice- do I keep the container or throw it away? According to the bottom of the dish, these containers are reusable and dishwasher-safe. WIN! Who doesn’t need more tupperware?? That question got my wheels turning though...how many people buy these meals with regularity and just end up tossing them out? What if GFF were to offer a trade-in program? Whelp, as it turns out, they do! According to owner, David Yermanos, for every 20 containers you bring back to the store, you get a free meal! Saving plastic saves paper, y'all!

All in all, I was impressed with Get Fit Foods. I definitely plan to continue cooking my meals at home, but I’d absolutely turn to Get Fit if the unexpected comes up and I find myself in a time crunch again.

Check out Get Fit Foods on the web here they can also be found on Instagram @getfitfoodsclt

Have any of the bees out there tried a similar meal-prep service? I'd love to hear some suggestions for other brands to check out once in a while!