• Lauren

Filet Mignon Has Me Feelin' Some Kind of Way

"Undeservedly, overwhelmingly blessed beyond measure. "

That’s how I feel every time I step foot into a Ruth’s Chris Steak House. Which, by the way, has been about 5 times in my entire life.

If you’ve never been to Ruth’s Chris, it’s a high-end chain of restaurants serving steaks, seafood, and an indulgent array of side dishes, customarily accompanied by a bottle of wine from a very grand looking vault in the center of the dining room. It’s one of those restaurants with crisp, white table linens, and well-dressed employees who come around with little ice scraper thingys to remove the crumbs from your table after every course.

This isn’t an establishment designed to fill the basic need for sustenance, but rather one that satisfies a craving for luxury.

We talk about it, Rob and I. About how insane it is to be able to afford a meal here, even just on occasion. We reflect on less fortunate times as we wait on our food; on meals of canned tuna and rice and on struggling to pay our bills.

When our plates arrive, we pray. We’re the weird family who says grace before every meal, even when eating out. Ruth’s Chris is no exception.

We eat slowly, savoring every bite. We take in the atmosphere and sigh with pleasure. While there are many moments that we surely take for granted, this is not one of them.

I think this awareness and pause is what I enjoy most about Ruth’s Chris. While yes, my Petite Filet is always seasoned and cooked to dark pink perfection, it’s the grander confrontation with excess that brings me to my knees with gratitude.

We’re a society of high-volume consumers. We like stuff and lots of it. We want a full plate. We want it hot and delicious and we want it now. Delivered to our door without even having to make a phone call. Why we feel that we deserve this, I don’t know.

I pray that I never become so accustomed to Ruth’s Chris, that I forget how undeserving I am. I work hard, sure, but the folks working construction from dawn till dusk...do they not work hard? The single mother struggling to make ends meet? The children of the world who are starving and sick? There are so many who are far more deserving than I and yet, they may never be treated to this kind of decadence. No, I have no justification for my gifts.

Meals like this one fill both my belly and my spirit.

I’m reminded that the prayer we say over our meals should never be a rote obligation, but a sincere acknowledgment of thanks. Whether you’re praying to God, or just sending gratitude vibes into the universe, we should all be acknowledging the many blessings in our lives.

This blog post is truly just one from the heart. It comes with no side of diet advice (though I think pausing to give thanks could indeed result in more mindful eating and therefore stave off over indulgence, but I digress). If nothing else, this post was created to serve as a permanent reminder to myself to never stop saying “thank you.”