• Lauren

COVID Chronicles: A Meathead's Crisis Grocery Haul

Coronavirus AKA Covid-19. It’s all the buzz right now. Your neighbors are flocking to the grocery stores, buying up napkins because the stores have been sold out of toilet paper for a week. You’re left scratching your head because you showed up at the market unsure of what you were gonna cook tonight, let alone every day for the next 2 weeks of suggested “social distance.”

I could sit here for a few hours and think up 30 freezer/pantry storage meal ideas, but Epicurious already did that (pretty well I might add), so if you’re that head-scratcher, go check out their article “An All-Pantry Meal Plan for Coronavirus and Other Perilous Times.

I also recommend "How to Stock Your Kitchen for the Coronavirus Era (and other emergencies)"

What I can provide you with, however, is a little comedic relief. Enter, A Meathead’s Crisis Grocery Haul.

This is a completely unplanned post. Took a quick impromptu visit to my local Harris Teeter between patients (yes, my office is still open for the time being), and as I scanned my items at the self-checkout, I couldn’t help but laugh.

Absurdly overpriced protein powder. Oodles of Quest Bars and these One Protein Bars that I’ve been curious about. The biggest bag of beef jerky they had. A bunch of Bang. Oh, and some heavy cream- see explanation below. Mind you, this isn’t including the cart full of frozen meat and burritos, and canned tuna I got a few days ago for Rob and I. Clearly, I’ve got my priorities in order. The outside world may fall to pieces, but I’m over here protecting them gains, gosh darn it!

I should note that the container of heavy cream is totally justified and totally non-meathead. Robert’s birthday is this Sunday (3/22) and I’m DETERMINED to bake him this Flourless Chocolate Cake, come hell or high germs. Non-perishable ingredients (chocolate chips, vanilla extract, cocoa powder, BIRTHDAY CANDLES) have all been ordered on Amazon and are set to be delivered this week. I don’t play around with birthdays, y’all.

I’m curious to know what everyone else is stocking up on? Beans? Doritos? Wine? Going the support-local route and ordering all take-out?

If I can offer one real-talk suggestion, it’s that you be mindful of the needs of others as you shop at your local stores. Buy foods you’ll actually eat, not just food for the sake of filling your cart to gain some fleeting and false sense of security. As I said on my Instagram the other day- Stay positive and don’t be a jerk!

Speaking of Instagram, if you follow me on there as well, you may have noticed that I’ve been fairly active over there while fairly absent here. I’m currently working on changing that. I love this blog and have no plans to abandon it. More to come on that soon. Ta-ta for now :-)