• Lauren

COVID Chronicles: I, Can't Believe, Today Was a Good Day

If you’d told me a month ago that I’d soon have days even remotely unusual enough to justify any sort of daily “dear diary” entry for this blog, I’d have hoped it was because I’d achieved an incredible personal development...I'm thinking a book deal with an unheard-of advance, or maybe being named queen of some gorgeous tropical island.

Instead, it just means the world is in the throes of a pandemic.

And perhaps my days aren’t all that interesting to anyone else, but man, they’ve been leaving me with plenty to chew on and plenty to write about lately.

Feelings, for one. Allllllll the feelings. Here’s the play by play:

I arrived at work Wednesday morning to get an update from my boss on our office plans for the next few weeks. He decided that we should close next week in order to comply with the ADA’s recommendation to postpone all elective dental procedures through April 3rd. Ok. However, instead of remaining closed due to the Stay-At-Home order for Mecklenburg County from 3/26-4/16, we’ll be re-opening on 4/6/20. Ok...

I trust my boss completely and I’ve expressed solidarity and support as far as his decisions regarding COVID-19 go, but admittedly, I’m feeling a little confused and conflicted about our plan. Feelings.

Questions and weird feels aside, our office manager managed to rearrange my lightly filled schedule to get me a half day! Sweet.

Sam and Mom's dog, Jake, getting some fresh air

I called my mother. March 25th is always a toughie for my family as it’s the day that Devon died in 2016. As with past years, I’ve known it’s coming and tried to steel myself, mostly successfully. Mom sounded well, though she’s clearly got a full plate of feelings to chomp through too. Coronavirus has touched her in some personal ways that she never could have anticipated. At the top of her personal concerns is the one that comes with seeing my sister, Samantha, off to work at Target every day. Every day wondering if Sam will be exposed to the virus.

Came back home, ate lunch, took a nap, and went on a 4 mile run outside in the 70 degree sunshiney North Carolina weather. Gotta take advantage of it when you can, right?

Thass a lotta cardboard

I felt invigorated afterwards, so I loaded up my Jeep with the massive stack of cardboard that’s been sitting in the driveway for a year and hauled it over to the recycling center. Nothing like a looming Stay-At-Home order to prompt you to check off those “non-essential” tasks you’ve been putting off.

Came back, did a load of laundry, vacuumed, SHAVED MY LEGS.

Watched Trump’s Coronavirus task force update on the 6 o’clock news. Love him or hate him, you’ve gotta enjoy the never ending well of entertainment that is Trump's tan and arsenal of hand gestures.

Whipped up go ol’ beef patties for dinner. If you’re wondering if this is some kind of desperate, grocery-stores-are-out-of-everything-cuz-COVID meal, nope. This is every day fare for me and I love it. Had my patty with a pre-packaged cup of Minute Brown Rice and broccoli.

Since the weather was so gorgeous, we finished off the evening with porch time. We watched the sun go down and admired the newly bloomed...just realized I have no idea what they are....but the newly bloomed pink mystery blossoms on the bush just beyond the porch.

March 25th, 2020 was anything but a normal Wednesday, but it was a good day, and that’s good enough for now.