• Lauren

My 60lb Weight Loss and the Key to my Diet Success

I don’t believe in “naturally thin” people. I used to! I used to think the chub-rub between my thighs was simply a product of genetics. Like my brown hair, brown eyes, rather large feet, and intimidatingly stellar personality, the extra fat I carried around was simply an inheritance that I might one day pass on to my own kiddos. At age 23 I weighed in at 185lbs (I’m 5’5” for reference). That’s 65lbs more than I weighed freshman year of high school.

The matronly, chubby, figure I saw in the mirror didn’t match the vibrant, skinny, 20-something-year-old image I thought I should see. I was deeply unhappy with my life on multiple levels, but my body was the the most readily visible factor.

Genetics were an easy excuse! As miserable as I was, it was easier to complain about my body than to dig deep and own the choices that got it there. In 2015 I decided to cut the bullshit. I didn’t decide to try to lose weight, I decided I would lose weight, no matter what it took. I scoured the internet for guidance and inspiration. {Shout out to Rabbit Food for My Bunny Teeth, your transformation photos were a MAJOR source of hope!}

My research told me weight loss basically boiled down to “calories in, calories out.” Eat less and do more. I was completely ignorant to the finer details of nutrition, but for the purpose of simply losing mass, it worked!

I lost 60lbs in 6 months.

185lbs on left, 125lbs on right

Here's What I Did, Step-by-step:

1. Determined my target daily caloric intake with an online calculator (https://www.sailrabbit.com/bmr/ is my favorite)

2. I tracked every morsel of food in the Livestrong MyPlate app on my phone. I dipped to 800 calories/day on my low days and rarely went over 1200 calories. (MyFitnessPal is a great app as well)

3. I splurged on an elliptical and woke up at 4:45 AM nearly every day to crank out 30-40 minutes of cardio.

4. I tracked my weight daily and adjusted my caloric intake as needed.

Honestly, there was nothing "easy" about it. I was hungry and agitated, but every pound down on the scale fueled my fire to keep going.

If naturally thin genetics do exist, my pudgy midsection and cankles should be proof enough that I don’t possess them. Maybe I could make a few bucks by inventing some specialty diet that I could claim to have followed, but the truth is I didn’t cut out any particular food group!

no keto diet, no magic pills, and no miracle shrinking wrap.

I found the strength to be honest with myself and commit to change. I had to own my choices. I ate myself into oblivion to compensate for everything lacking in my life, all the while telling myself that I was simply developing the body that God intended me to have. It was my actions that got me overweight.

In order to stay within my daily calorie goals, I had to radically change my diet and learn to say no. I drove my late husband, Devon, nuts with roughly 324,977 low-calorie dinner recipes. I had to learn how to pick food at social events and how to order healthier options at restaurants. I watched Devon suck down many a milkshake while denying myself even a sip.

I’m not saying that your ultra-trendy diet won’t work OR that you need to obsessively track food to the point of a borderline eating disorder to lose weight, but at the root of whatever path you choose must be a strong will and dedication.

If you’re not willing to do the work and make sacrifices, do you really want it? I did and for me, the results were 100% worth it! Worth every light meal, sweat, and tear.

you CAN lose the weight if that’s your desire.

You’re strong enough!!! I promise! But keep in mind that your success will be directly in proportion to your efforts.

Sincerely strong,


Next time: Gaining weight (on purpose!) and my current goals.

Talk to me! I'd love to hear about your weight loss journey, or answer any questions you may have!