• Lauren

10 Guilt-free Gift Ideas for Someone on a Diet

If giving a plate of your famous gingerbread man cookies or a box of homemade peanut butter balls is just your jam, then this list isn’t for you.

BUT, if you’re like me and your boss and office manager decided to start the Keto diet 2 months ago and it just feels mean or even wasteful to give them chocolate?? Welcome to my world.

So, I came up with a list of 10 alternative “diet-friendly” gifts to please all the sweets-skippers in your life. Happy gifting, y’all!

For the Neighbor: House Plant

They're chic and they're (usually) a lot less work than a dog. Snake plant or succulents recommended if your friend is a terrible plant parent like yours truly.

For Your Partner/Spouse: Start a collection

The perfect gift idea for someone you'll be gifting to year after year. This could be holiday related (think handcrafted Christmas ornaments) or just something they dig! Mugs, magnets, whatever. My boyfriend started a collection of old coins for me last year AND rekindled my love of vintage Nancy Drew books, causing me to fall ever more in love with him. Ew, I can't believe I just said that.

For the Sibling or Parent: Written letter

This idea comes courtesy of my friend, Katrien. Extra points for a homemade card! I think many of us underestimate the power of the written word in combination with your own personal touch. It’s not big or fancy, but a heartfelt note can be the best gift of all.

For the Hermit: Entertainment

Did you know you can gift a Netflix subscription?? Yep, you can. Amazon, baby! Movie theater gift cards are great too. Another idea is buying a season of a popular show from one of the pricier channels like HBO (think Game of Thrones or VEEP). Of course, for your book-lovin/ buds, there’s always a book or an Audible gift card.

For the Coworker: Coffee & Tea

In my world, "work" is synonymous with "caffeine, but maybe that's just me. In any case, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t enjoy coffee OR tea. For me personally, I love coffee, but I drink so much of it, that I can’t afford to splurge on the fancy stuff often. Receiving the nicer stuff as a gift allows me to try something I probably wouldn’t otherwise!

For the Bestie: Local & handmade gifts

You can go so many directions with this! For gals, I’ve been loving the clay jewelry I’ve been seeing everywhere. It could also be a painting, print, or some type of artisan pottery. The possibilities are endless!

The clay earrings pictured are from Charlotte, NC local business, ClayHaven Collective! Find them here

For the Hygge Freak: Scented things

Like coffee, I enjoy scented stuff, but I don’t often have room in the budget to splurge. Nice scented candles make for a wonderful gift that almost anyone can appreciate. I’ve also received oils from Doterra and Young Living, brands that are wonderful in particular for your health-conscious buds.

For the Foodie: Fancy Olive Oil

Olive oil is olive oil, right? Wrong! I was corrected by the eye opening book, Real Food Fake Food by Larry Olmsted (a great gift in itself!). Yes, I’m avoiding foods on this list, but a bit of  EVOO fits into almost every diet. Plus, it’s truly good for you. A decent bottle can be found for $20-50 and makes for a wonderful present.

In his book, Olmsted recommends McEvoy Ranch and Cobram Estate as reliable Olive Oil Producers

For the Fit Chick: Fitness Club Gift Card

I didn’t want this list to be too gift card heavy, but in addition to entertainment, I have 2 other suggestions if you go that route. For your health-conscious peeps, a ClassPass gift card could be perfect! Alternatively, if there’s a nearby studio that you know they enjoy, that’s a great pick also.

For Everyone Else: Generic Gift Card

Forgive me, but I DO think the generic gift card has it’s place. Instead of sending our neighboring office staff a basket of sugary treats as in years past, my boss decided to get each employee a small Amazon gift card. Something to say “I care” that suits people he doesn’t really know well enough to get a personalized gift. Perfect swap for the usual calorie bomb, me thinks. 

And there's my top ten go-to gifts for my dieting buds. Other great gift ideas? Drop them in the comments below!