Hi! My name is Lauren


I’m a 28 year-old emotional eater turned fitness enthusiast.

I currently reside in sweet Charlotte, North Carolina with my dogs, Izzy and Skip.

I rarely ever wear makeup, I'm mildly obsessed with sunscreen and I’m a Christian. My perfect day looks something like a morning of antiquing followed by a Greek Salad (with Chicken!) for lunch and a Bang energy drink.


I graduated from the Dental Hygiene program at CPCC in May 2012. I work full-time as an RDH by day, but come Saturday night I’m the tipsy hero of many a virtual Xbox One world.

I’m a normal girl who’s experienced a lot of life in my twenty something years. At every hurdle, I’ve found that strength isn’t always a skill, but a decision.

My desire and passion is to motivate women to choose strength, both in the gym and out in the world.


Your humble story teller, guinea pig, and cheerleader,

One Strong Bee

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